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Shipping & Returns

Shipping Policy

SHIPPING IS FREE!!!   Free feels good, but in other words shipping is included in the price of the shirt.  Having the final price immediately available makes for a clean buying experience.  Going through the ordering process with a number in mind and the last thing you see is some big shipping cost added on sucks.  It's like the sales gimmic that says "Under a Thousand dollars" when its $999.  True? Yes Deceitful? YES!  So, Shipping is included in the price of the shirt.


SORRY--At the moment we can only ship within the domestic United States.   

That will change.  Please stay tuned.

Return & Exchange Policy

I want you to have a great experience, first with the ordering and then especially with your new shirts.  A lot happens between ordering and delivery including occasional glitches.   Please be in touch right away with any issues and we will correct them.

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